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Low Emission Strategy (LES)

York Low Emission Strategy

York’s Low Emission Strategy was adopted in 2012.

Our Low Emission Strategy (LES) outlines the steps City of York Council intends to take to reduce the impact of emissions to air on public health and the wider environment.

Improving local air quality and reducing carbon emisisons are essential to the future well being of the city and its residents, but this has to be balanced against opportunities for economic growth, new development and the ability of residents and visitors to travel freely around the city.

In recent years, Low Emission Strategies have been championed as a new approach to reducing both local and global air pollutants from development.  In their simplest form, Low Emission Strategies:

‘provide a package of measures to help mitigate the transport impacts of development.  Their primary aim is to accelerate the uptake of low emission fuels and technologies in and around development sites’.

The overarching LES for York takes the LES concept a step further.  It moves outside the boundaries of new development, demonstrating how LES principles can be applied to a wider range of activities such as marketing, land use planning, fleet management, procurement, transport planning and economic development.  Applying the concepts of a LES to a wider range of activities presents further opportunities  for emission reduction (particularly in relation to traffic emissions) and provides a more strategic overview of all emission reduction measures currently taking place in the city.

Our third Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP3) is the delivery mechanism for our Low Emission Strategy – both documents can be downloaded from our reports page.