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Planning and Air Quality

The Planning Process

The planning process requires comprehensive assessment of air quality impacts and appropriate mitigation.

The planning system has an important role to play in reducing emissions, improving local air quality and minimising exposure to harmful pollutants. Where air quality impacts are expected as a result of development, the planning process requires comprehensive assessment of such impacts and appropriate mitigation.

Any air quality issue that relates to land use and its development is capable of being a material planning consideration. However, the weight given to air quality in making a planning application decision will depend on such factors as the severity of the impacts on air quality, the air quality in the area surrounding the proposed development and the sensitivity of the likely use of the development. The length of time people are likely to be exposed at a location and the positive benefits provided through other material considerations are also important issues that need to be taken into account.

Electric Car Charging

Facilities for charging electric vehicles are now required on most new developments in York that include parking

With careful consideration and appropriate mitigation, new development can help to protect and improve air quality by reducing the need for vehicle trips, encouraging the uptake of lower emission vehicles, minimising existing and new exposure to poor air quality and supporting and contributing towards the delivery of Local Air Quality Action Plans (AQAPs).