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Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP3) Measures

City of York Council has taken forward a number of direct measures in the last 12-18 months in pursuit of improving local air quality. Details of all measures completed, in progress or planned are set out in the table below.  Further information can be found in our Annual Status Report or by following the links in the table.  The full AQAP3 document can be downloaded from our reports page.

Measure ReferenceMeasureStatus
AQAP3 (1)Clean Air Zone (CAZ)Planned - feasibility work currently being undertaken
AQAP3 (2)Anti-idling measuresIn progress - Anti-idling exercise with buses, taxis, LGVs and private motorists and media campaign undertaken to promote National Clean Air Day
AQAP3 (3)Further development of ECO-Stars Fleet Recognition SchemeIn progress - currently 83 members of the scheme
AQAP3 (4)Planning and delivery of CNG refuelling infrastructurePlanned - CNG feasibility study completed in 2013, potential site identified. Third party investment opportunities currently being explored
AQAP3 (5)Freight delivery and service plan for key city centre retailers and streets.On hold - Freight improvement study undertaken in 2013
AQAP3 (5a)Freight consolidation CentrePlanned - possible site located. Third party investment opportunities currently being explored
AQAP3 (6)Development and implementation of LES based planning guidanceIn progress - draft guidance produced
AQAP3 (7a)Reducing emissions from taxis (financial incentive for low emissions taxi purchase)Completed - 50 low emission taxis purchased through the scheme to date.
AQAP3 (7b)Reducing emissions from taxis (taxi licensing emissions controls)Completed - New Taxi Licensing Policy approved April 2016
AQAP3 (8)Planning and delivery of strategic EV charging networkCompleted - EV charging provided at 12 hotels in conjunction with Zero Carbon World. Public Pay as You Go EV charging network implemented in CYC car parks and 3 rapid charging points deployed. Successful Ultra Low Emission City bid Jan 2016 will provide further charging hubs
AQAP3 (9a)Reducing CYC ‘grey fleet’ tripsCompleted - Achieved via a comprehensive suite of green fleet measures. CYC membership of car club has significantly reduced the number of people using their own private vehicles for CYC business.
AQAP3 (9b)Introduction of low emission vehicles into CYC fleetIn progress
AQAP3 (9c)CYC Eco-driver training and vehicle emission controlsCompleted - Lightfoot trial completed, Fuel additive trial completed, Programme of mandatory HGV driver training being undertaken (including eco-driving element)
AQAP3 (10)Marketing and Communication StrategyOngoing - Ad hoc public communications work ongoing. Participated in Clean Air Day 2017. JorAir website updated July 2017
AQAP3 (11a)Local incentives for low emission vehicles and alternative fuel use – EV chargers and business demonstratorsOngoing - Additional funding currently being explored for second demonstrator vehicle
AQAP3 (11b)Local incentives for low emission vehicles and alternative fuel use – Priority parking / reduced parking fees for low emission vehiclesOngoing - City of York Council is currently reviewing its parking policy, specifically the discounts available for low emission vehicles.
AQAP3 (12)Attracting Low Emission industries, businesses and jobs to YorkOngoing
AQAP3 (13a)Modal shift and network improvement measures (i-Travel York campaign)Completed - Ongoing delivery and funding of i-Travel York sustainable travel programme
AQAP3 (13b)Modal shift and network improvement measures (Bus Improvements)Ongoing - Bus improvements in progress, including Rougier Street
AQAP3 (13c)Modal shift and network improvement measures (Other LTP measures)Ongoing - CYC’s third Local Transport Plan (LTP3), covering the period to 2031, sets out the transport policies and measures that will contribute to the city's economic prosperity over the next 20 years, whilst meeting challenging national and local targets for reducing emissions.
AQAP3 (14)Other air quality improvement measures (non-transport sources)Ongoing - Scheduled inspections of sources undertaken by CYC public protection staff.
AQAP3 (15)Provide more green infrastructureOngoing - Committed to developing a Green Infrastructure Strategy for York and good progress in being made. Green Infrastructure Forum held November 2014, with further stakeholder workshop sessions in January 2015.
16Further conversion of diesel double decker tour buses to electricOne demonstration bus converted, 5 more currently being converted to electric drive and expected to be in operation for the summer 2017 season
17Retrofitting of school buses28 buses to be retrofitted pending outcome of current school bus procurement exercise
18Solar panels at electric P&R sitesPlanned - funding awarded
19Hyper HubsPlanned - Funding awarded through Ultra Low Emission Cities Scheme
Key completed measures and progress in the last 12-18 months include:
  • CYC have been involved in a number of promotional events aimed at raising public awareness of air quality issues, including ‘The Air We Share’ event (Fri 10 Feb 2017, St Sampsons Square), ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ event (Sat 18 March 2017, York Explore Library) and National Clean Air Day (June 2017), which promoted anti-idling practices with bus operators, taxis, LGVs and private motorists.
  • Further development of the LES based Planning Guidance via a series of workshops undertaken throughout the year by City of York Council at the YALPAG (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Pollution Advisory Group) Air Quality forum.
  • Continued roll-out of the new taxi licensing policy, that specifies minimum emission standards for new or replacement taxis. This new policy, in addition to our earlier support for local taxi drivers through the Low Emission Taxi Incentive Scheme, has resulted in 13% of local taxis upgraded to petrol hybrid or electric vehicles to date.
  • Continued delivery of the Strategic Electric Vehicle fast charge network in the city. The number charging sessions per month is currently 1500 and is rising on a monthly basis (this figure includes charging session by electric buses). City of York Council was awarded ‘Go Ultra Low’ city status in 2016 and awarded funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The money will be used to fund a city-wide network of hubs, providing ultra fast, reliable and convenient electrical charging.
  • Continued to reduce CYC ‘grey fleet’ trips by working in partnership with City Car Club to provide a pool of low emission cars for exclusive use by CYC staff during office hours. In addition to promoting the use of low emission car clubs, CYC has also leased a further electric vehicle as part of its pool fleet at the Hazel Court Eco Depot.
  • Continuation of the York ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme. Funding was identified to support further growth of the scheme until May 2017. There are currently 83 members of the scheme (as of March 2017) and membership continues to rise as York benefits from membership in other ECO Stars areas across the region. The number of vehicles covered by the York scheme has increased to over 5,300.
  • Low Emission Parking Policy – City of York Council is currently reviewing its parking policy, specifically the discounts available for low emission vehicles. New discounts are currently being worked up for ultra low emission vehicles producing < 75g CO2 per km.