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Monitoring Air Quality

Continuous monitoring
Changing the filter on a TEOM

Monitoring of Particulate Matter is undertaken using a TEOM (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance)

Since 1999, real-time monitoring of nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants has been undertaken at a total of 14 locations across York.

Details regarding these sites have been documented in previous air quality reports submitted to DEFRA.

Details of all sites, together with up to date data is provided on the Air Quality England website.

Diffusion tube monitoring

In addition to real time monitoring, City of York Council also undertakes nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring at 233 locations in the city.

Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes used in York are supplied and analysed by SOCOTEC UK.

Diffusion tubes are located around York for monitoring nitrogen dioxide

Diffusion tubes are located around York for monitoring nitrogen dioxide

The accuracy of the diffusion tubes are monitored on a month by month basis by co-locating diffusion tubes with the inlets to three of the real time analysers operated in the city.

The precision of the diffusion tubes are monitored by co-locating diffusion tubes in triplicate at seven sites in the city.

The latest diffusion tube monitoring results (2020 calendar year) for the City of York Council area can be viewed on our Air Quality Data page.  They are also published in our latest Annual Status Report (ASR) and on the York Open Data Platform, along with tube results from previous years.

What do we do with the data ?

The data collected is reported annually to DEFRA in our Annual Status Report (ASR).  Where health based air quality objectives are not met we declare AQMAs and draw up Air Quality Action Plans to improve  air quality in the city.