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Modelling Air Quality


The ADMS-Urban software can be used to predict pollution hotspots across the UK.

Although York has an above average number of air pollution monitoring sites, it’s still not possible to monitor air quality on all streets in the city.

To understand how pollution moves around the city, and how the weather and traffic flow influences it, the council uses an air pollution dispersion model. The air pollution dispersion model used in York is called ADMS-Urban.

ADMS-Urban is used across the world for air quality management and assessment studies of complex situations in urban areas, cities, towns and close to motorways, roads and large industrial areas.

We also use a tool called E.M.I.T (Emissions Inventory Toolkit).  EMIT is a comprehensive tool for compiling and editing emissions inventories, which allows simple, fast calculation and analysis of emissions.

For more information about ADMS-Urban and EMIT, visit the CERC website. The council is not responsible for the content or reliability of external websites.