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Monitoring air quality

This is a real-time air quality monitoring station

This is a real-time air quality monitoring station.  It measures air quality at any moment in time!

City of York Council uses two methods to measure air quality in York. The first is called a ‘real-time’ air quality monitoring station. This is what a real-time air quality monitoring station looks like. This measures the air quality at any moment in time!

The council uses a computer to collect air quality information from these stations.

The Council puts these next to the roadside to measure air pollution from traffic.

You can have a look inside one of these stations later.

The second method is called ‘diffusion tube monitoring’. This is what a Diffusion Tube looks like.

Chris with tube

This is a diffusion tube!

Have you seen any of these around York? Have a look out for them on lamposts on your way to school!

One of the games you’ll play a bit later will involve helping me to collect some of these tubes! The Council attaches diffusion tubes to lamposts and houses to measure the air quality all over the city.

The Council has to monitor air quality to work out where pollution is bad in the city. The Council has found a few areas of the city where levels of nitrogen dioxide are quite high. Most of these areas are near the city centre. Because of this, the council have had to make part of the city an Air Quality Management Area (or ‘AQMA’ for short).

The AQMA is an area of the city where the Council is trying to improve air quality.

Question time : how do you think the council could improve air quality? (Hint : think about the causes of poor air quality).

I imagine you’re wondering what you can do to improve air quality in York? Luckily there are lots of things! Click here to continue and find out.