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How to charge

Electric Car Charging

Charging an electric car is not that different to charging a mobile phone. You simply plug one end into the car, the other into the socket and leave for a few hours until charged up.

Charging at home

If you are planning to recharge at home and have off street parking, you should get a dedicated chargepoint installed. A Government grant is available to cover 75% of the cost and there is a wide choice of chargers available. A dedicated chargepoint is safer and faster than a 3 pin socket. Most domestic chargepoints will provide 7 kW of power which will provide around 35 miles of charge in one hour making them ideal for overnight charging or topping up each day.

Public Charging points
There are lots of public chargepoints in the UK with more than 20,000 connectors already available and around 900 being added every month.

Fast chargepoints will generally provide the same charging times as a home chargepoint. 50 kW Rapid chargers can provide around 150 miles of charge in one hour which means that a 0 – 80% charge will take around 30 – 60 minutes for most electric cars. 150 kW Ultra Rapid chargers can charge compatible vehicles three times faster than a Rapid charger.

The best way to find chargepoints is via Zap Map which shows the location, power output, and access methods for all public sites in the UK.

In York, the Council provides a range of Fast and Rapid chargepoints which are accessed via Charge Your Car. Both Fast and Rapid charging costs 15 p / kWh. To view the network on Zap Map select ‘York City Council’. In addition there are a number of commercial chargepoint operators in York providing lots of choice and availability.

During 2021 we are renewing all of our existing chargepoints, adding additional sites and building HyperHubs which are Ultra Rapid charging facilities, in line with our Public EV Charging Strategy. We have selected bp pulse as our new provider of chargepoints and are using the bp pulse network as our access partner.

Further information about current fees and charges for using York’s charging network can be found on our ITravel York webpage.