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ECO Stars Scheme

ECO Stars (York)

ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme (York)

ECO Stars York is a free, voluntary ‘fleet recognition’ scheme. It provides recognition and guidance on best practice for operators of vans, goods vehicles, buses and coaches, whose fleets spend a significant proportion of time operating within York.

Members of ECO Stars York benefit from:

  • Significant fuel savings – by implementing the key measures recommended by the ECO Stars Scheme, a typical HGV operator could expect to reduce fuel consumption by a minimum of 5% in the first year
  • Reduced operational costs – based on 80,000 miles per year of diesel, there would be a saving of the equivalent of £2,300 per vehicle. For an operator with 10 vehicles this equates to a saving of one whole tanker of diesel!*
  • Reduced environmental impact – a typical HGV could see annual output of carbon dioxide fall by six tonnes per year* with possible reductions in toxic emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM)

    ECO Stars (York) Launch Event, 2013

    ECO Stars (York) Launch Event, outside York Minster, 2013

  • Advice and tailor-made support – all members receive a tailor-made ‘road map’ to help improve performance and support their progress in achieving a higher scheme rating
  • Free windscreen decals for each vehicle to profile efficiency and environmental credentials to the public and customers.
  • Regular updates from the ECO Stars Team
  • Opportunities for involvement in promotional activities

*Figures from Department for Transport Freight Best Practice Programme

Get involved with ECO Stars
York ECO Stars Scheme

York ECO Stars Scheme

The scheme is open to operators of all types of commercial vehicles and to fleets of all sizes. Free membership is available to operators based in, or outside of York, whose vehicles spend a significant amount of time serving the York area. Have a look at our current membership list here: ECO Stars Membership List June 2017.

The scheme is managed in York by Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), on our behalf. For further information, or to join the scheme, please contact:

ECO Stars (York) c/o Transport Research Laboratory
Phone: (01344) 770700