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AQMAs in York

What is an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)?

Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) are declared when there is an exceedance or likely exceedance of an air quality objective. After declaration, the authority must prepare an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) within 12-18 months setting out measures it intends to put in place in pursuit of compliance with the objectives.

Air Quality Management Areas in York

A summary of AQMAs declared by City of York Council is shown in the table below.

AQMA NameDate of DeclarationPollutants / Air Quality ObjectivesArea of YorkDescriptionAir Quality Action Plan
City Centre AQMA (AQMA Order No.4)September 2012 (supercedes AQMA Order No. 1 declared Jan 2002) [Revoked December 2018]NO2 Annual Mean & NO2 Hourly MeanCity Centre / Inner Ring RoadInner ring road and properties included within 6 areas of technical breachAQAP3 Published Sept 2015
City Centre AQMA (AQMA Order No.5)December 2018 (supercedes AQMA Order No. 4 declared Sept 2012)NO2 Annual MeanCity Centre / Inner Ring Road (includes Coppergate)Inner ring road and properties included within 7 areas of technical breachAQAP3 Published Sept 2015
Fulford AQMA (AQMA Order No. 2)March 2010
[Revoked February 2020]

AQMA Order No.2 - Revocation Order
NO2 Annual MeanFulford VillageA19 corridor between Fishergate and the Outer Ring Road. Includes properties on Fulford Main Street only.AQAP3 Published Sept 2015

Salisbury Terrace AQMA (AQMA Order No.3)April 2012
[Revoked September 2017]
NO2 Annual MeanLeeman Road Area[Revoked September 2017] AQAP3 Published Sept 2015

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